Irrigation Hydrants SCH


GEMAK designed and manufactured new Irrigation Hydrants type SCH with two, three and four orifices.

The opening and closing of the hydrant is achieved with two ways:

-          With the help of one resilient seat gate valve which is equipped with an extension spindle at the side of the manhole.

-          With the help of a hydraulic diaphragmatic valve

The hydrant is equipped with anti-freezing protection at two places, a separate pressure reducer for each orifice, inox glycerine filled pressure gauge, and a system to activate or de-activate each orifice.

Each orifice diameter is  65 up to 100mm and is equipped with an adaptor type PERROT or BAUER.

When the orifices have the same outlet pressure we can also install one main pressure reducing valve before  the hydrant.

In case each orifice has a different outlet pressure, e.g. the one orifice has outlet pressure 28m (if the field is irrigated with dripping system ) and the other orifice has outlet pressure 70m (if the field is irrigated with water cannons), then there is the possibility to install different pressure reducer on each orifice.

For pressure above 12.5m we recommend the installation of hydrants with double chamber and piston type valves.