The people who work for GEMAK are highly experienced and have been working with us for many years. We believe that continuous education of our staff is the main factor of success and that is why we never stop investing in continuous training and  education.

The administrative executives share the vision of GEMAK for constant improvement and with continuous training each one in his sector contribute in the better service of customers, the bigger percentage of which remain steady customers from the foundation of our company.

People in the production sector follow continuously the new developments. As a result the ways and the means of production are improved to guarantee the best quality of products. The application of certain quality processes and continuous controls in all the course of production constitutes our  priority. The assembling  is done in ecological presses using water  as means of pressure and testing so that 100% of products is tested on them.

GEMAK has a wide range of Scientific Collaborators, who contribute with their experience in the design and improvement of products. We mainly collaborate with Universities and certified companies  specializing in moulds and electronic systems.

Our goal to protect the environment  is that main factor that lead us to the research, study, planning and growth of new products. Objective of our engineers is not only to face the problems that appear in the water networks but also to develop products that will save water in irrigation and will contribut in the effective confrontation of fires. As a result  we created a pioneering firefighting valve that works in temperatures up to 2500oC and simultaneously can help the flora and fauna in periods of extended drought.