Dismantling Joints


  • The dismantling joint in a hydraulic installation is the necessary joining element between different fittings so that they are easily adjusted to the net or removed from it.
  • Rubber sealing ring is of special material and thickens, in order to assure a tight sealing and prevent the dismantling joint from being damaged.
  • When the dismantling joint is used for clean water in water supply or irrigation net the sealing ring is made of EPDM (temperature: -20oC to +130oC).
  • For impure water and sewage the sealing ring is made of VITON, which presents a remarkable resistance in both highly intoxicated water and high temperatures. (temperature: -10oC to +250oC).
  • In both cases the rubber ring does not present the slightest worn-out, that may be caused by external factors such as bad weather conditions or the sun.
  • The dismantling joints are manufactured for working pressures 10atm and 16atm and are tested in 25atm.
  • Dismantling joints from 25atm up to 64atm are available upon request.


  • Water supply, Irrigation Networks
  • Sewage networks

  • Big tolerance in high pressures
  • Little maintenance necessary
  • Can be repaired without being removed from the pipeline
  • Long life time

Technical review

Sizes DN 50 up to DN1600
Workign pressure PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64atm
Working Temperature -10oC up to +130oC
Coating electrostatic epoxy powder, 200μm


  1. Body & flanges carbon steel St37
  2. Bolts &nuts galvanised steel (stainless steel upon request)
  3. Rubber sealing: EPDM EN681-1 (NBR or VITON upon request)