GEMAK factory is equipped with automatic CNC machinery and high precision machining centers for accurate machining.

The products are tested in modern testing facilities:

  1. Pumping testing facilities  
    • Oil generated and  flow rate  Q: 200 m3/h & H=100m
    • Pumping stations Q: 110 m3/h & H: 160m, Q: 48 m3/h & H:160m, Q: 7 m3/h & H:1600m.
  2. Fourteen presses, environmental friendly, that test the valves using only water.

The valves are assembled on the presses and they are tested at the same time.

GEMAK facilities and laboratories are used by the University of Thessaloniki for studies financed by the EU and the state (as for the study, planning and trials of the pulsation flow meter /watermeter )