Water Saving

Achieved with the following products:

  1. Flow control valve which maintains a constant flow rate and controls the speed ΑS-A/Y-70. It secures drillings and pump stations.
  2. Irrigation hydrants  ΑS-E

Possibility of water management and planning with safe operation. Because of low consumption and galvanic isolation they ensure longevity and economic operation. They give possibility of right planning of irrigation by the agronomist.


Firefighting Valve: it extinguishes fire waiting for the fire to approach. It works in temperature of 500oC when it is installed on the surface, while in underground installation the temperature of operation exceeds the 1500oC. The valve faces the fire at forehead, while a second water cannon throws water to the opposite side. It allocates two rotating cannons, that move towards opposite directions and each one rotates at 180o. Both cannons together rotate at 360o, and cover an area of  20.000sq.m.

At the borders of villages the valve can be connected with the network of water supply and protect the village or settlement and in difficult situations to face the fire receiving commands via GMS.

Flora and Fauna protection

The Firefighting Valve helps the flora and fauna in difficult periods of drought in a forest by programmable opening via GMS.

Pump operation

I. The safe operation of the pump is ensured by the combination of the following valves :

Flow control valve AS-A/Y-70, keeps a constant flow inlet according to the parameters of pump Q and H even if we have fracture of pipe or opened pipe during the cleaning of network.

Surge preventing valve with electric control AS-A/Y-35-10 keeps constant the pressure of network in the nominal pressure without fluctuations, while at the same time it protects from negative pressure and overpressure allowing increase of pressure only 0,1atm.

II. Compination of valves AS-A/Y-40, AS-A/Y-70 and AS-A/Y-35-10 constitutes the hydraulic INVERTER, where the pump turns are kept constant and are capable to cool off the actuator while the remaining water returns to its source.


1. Valve AS-A/Y-35-10 constitutes innovation in the protection of the pump. The valve works during negative pressure and overpressure  without a failure.  The opening and closure is achieved through a single command with suitable connection and planning depending on critical time T of the hammer shock.

2. The two -level control valve AS-A/Y-50-61 ensures operation up to 2 metres distance between  upper and lower level  without using cables or electric control.