Protects pumps and pump stations


Valve Series AS-A/Y-70 has a pilot to control the water velocity and to stabilize the flow of the pump and also reduces the absorbed power. In combination with the hydraulic inverter it provides complete protection of the pump station.

it can:

-          Provide the maximum pumping water capacity avoiding over-pumping.

-          Mix water from different sources.

-          Divide water according to a supply schedule.

-          Fill upo pipelines without closing the valve.

-          Regulate, based on the parameters Q & H at the desirable level, which guarantees the safe function of the pumping station.


  • Ideal for water seperation into different pipellines maintaining the desirable levels. Protects pumps from excessive flow -rate demand. Securing the specifications of hte system design.
  • It maintains a pre-set maximum flow rate regardless the changes of pressure or consumption.