Non Return and Pump Protection Valve AS-A/Y-40


Valve ΑS-A/Y-40 is installed at the outlet of the pump to absorb the surge waves caused when the pump stops or starts. In that way it protects the pump from being damaged.
The valve opens and closes while the pump works and prevents the back flow in case of power failure.

In combitation with pressure relief valves AS-A/Y-30 or AS-A/Y-35 it provides smooth working conditions, especially when there are changes of the flow rate of the pump, because valve AS-A/Y-40 maintains a constant flow and pressure with great accuracy at a pre-set point.


Closure time 0,23sec. Suitable for small in length networks protecting the water supply and irrigation equipment.

Technical review

Technical review
Sizes DN50 up to DN450
Working pressure PN10, PN16
Materials Body, Actuator, Seat: Ductile Iron
GGG40-50 DIN1693/EN1563
Stem:Stainless steel AISI316
Spring: Stainless Steel DINI7223
Diaphragm:Nylon Reinforced Neopren