Membrane Check Valves


The water flow in irrigation or water supply networks often starts or stops abruptly causing hydraulic hammershock, the main factor for breakage and damages of the pumps and pipes. The check valve with the rubber blocking eliminates the pump and network destruction risks because it receives and absorbs all the created high pressure functioning like the shock absorber of an automobile. The membrane check valve is designed to provide the best possible protection to pump installations and water networks.

The interior rubber membrane is the most important part of the valve and is of special composition, so that a permanent deformation during function shall be avoided. The body of the valve is made of ductile cast iron GGG40 DIN 1693 for working pressure10atm and 16atm, and it is tested in 25atm.

It guarantees proper and smooth function not only for the pump but also for the network


  • Irrigation
  • Water supply networks
  • Pump stations

  • Absorbs part of the hydraullic surge waves
  • Silent operation
  • Smooth liquid flow
  • Little maintenance required

Technical review

Sizes DN50 up to DN500
Pressure PN10, PN16
Materials Body, Cone:
a) Ductile Iron GGG40-50 DIN1693/EN1563
b) Cast Iron GG25 DIN1691/ EN 1561
Membrane: EPDM

Technical data

Technical data
1 BODY Ductile iron
2 CONE GGG40, DIN1693
4 SAFETY NUT Bronze MS 58 DIN986
5 BOLTS Steel DIN 938 8G galvanized
6 NUTS Steel DIN 934 8G galvanised