Firefighting Valve



  • Opens in 40 sec after receiving signal and closes in 35 sec to prevent to protect the pipeline from surge waves.
  • Operation proportion 1:4 (e.g.inlet pressure 20bar, outlet pressure 5bar.
  • No rubber parts used (which are inappropriate for high temperatures).
  • The valve is accompanies by an electronic system. The central control panel, the electronic commander SMS and the temperature sensor, can be placed in a distance up to 200m.
  • The electric power is 24V AC, and there is also a battery 12V DC which enables 4 -hour-operation.
  • The panel for manual operation and electical supply of 48V AC is located 5km away.
  • The electronic system can be programmed to receive and execute commands via SMS, to send information via SMS to the users and waits for a command to open the valve or not. If the temperature reaches a second preset point the valve is activated automatically and informs the central panel and the users via SMS.
  • The system executes a command only through a safety code, which prevents access to unauthorised users.
  • The valve can be activated from the manual operation panel which can be installed at a distance of 20km.
  • Depending on the valve diameter we can install 1 or 2 rotating water cannons of different length.

  • The fire fighting valve is a pioneering solution because it can face the fire at forehead, it is not affected by the weather conditions and can be installed in the most isolated and not easily accessible areas.
  • It detects the fire immediately, notifies the users and is activated to exhtinguise the fire.

Technical review



Type Υ threaded 1 ½ " up to3".


Type Υ with flange DN50 up to DN450.


Type Τ from DN50  up to DN100.

Working Pressure/strong>


PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40.

Working Temperature


From -10 οC up to 1500 οC at underground installations


From -10 οC up to 500 οC at overground installation



Internally: Epoxy paint up to 200μ.

Externally: Special paint tolerant to high temperatures, thickness up to 1,5 mm.

Water tightness


IP 67

Technical data

Double chamber piston valve, electronically activated

More attributes

  • Position indicator and confirmation system inside the valve cover.
  • 3-way electromagnetic valves NO (normal open) & NC (normal closed) .
  • 2-way electromagnetic valve NO (normal open) for the external clooling system.
  • Brass coil for the cooling system.
  • Non-flammable powr supply cable.
  • Mini valve of chromiu brass inside the cover for operation on the spot.
  • Insulation 10mm inside the cover.
  • Temperature sensor fo rhte activation of the cooling system.
  • Internal water pipes for valve operation and for the cooling system.